2.0 Beta 1

BitTorrent client and file exchange in eDonkey network



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BitLord is an application to transfer files through P2P employing the Lphant motor and combining a BitTorrent client with the download of files from the eDonkey network.

Without a doubt, the best part of BitLord is its complete statistics system that graphically represents the network activity and the segment per protocol: torrent or edk.

Just like with eMule, the user can select the server he wants to connect to. You can access a list of servers to choose the one you like the most.

The search panel uses tabs to organize the different files. The one on the upper part allows you to find torrents; the one on the lower part finds files on the eDonkey network.

With BitLord you can have access to varied information about the files you are downloading and about the ones you are sharing with the rest of the users.

It also includes a small chat application that allows you to talk to other users of the program.


BitLord has its own web browser, but it's preferable to use an extern browser to prevent surprises.
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